Our Dedicated Team

Our teachers at Kiddylicious Early Learning Centre are supported with training, resources and the freedom to create a unique learning environment.  Many opportunities are given for our teachers to share ideas and grow professionally. Our teachers create a caring and nurturing atmosphere that fosters each child’s creativity and positive self-image.
Kelly Bywater | Principal

Ever since I was little I  knew  I wanted to be a teacher  or  at  least look  after  children.  


You  could  always  find  me  wherever the  kids  were.  I  decided  to study Educare and once I completed my studies I left to go overseas to teach in an International School.


I  worked  in  the  Early  Childhood Education  Department  as  a  pre-school teacher for 4 years, after  that  I  became head  of  department  where  I  looked after  a  team  of  teachers  as  well  as 180  little  souls.  I  loved  every  minute of  being  able  to  do  what  I  love  but  made  a  decision  to  come  back  to  my beautiful country to be with my family and friends.


I  found  a  school  that  was  ready  to  be sold and it  was  a  sign  that  I  was supposed to be here. I  bought it, renovated  it  and  made  it  my  own…. That was  when  Kiddylicious  was  born.


I  wake  up  every  morning  to  a  place where  children  laugh,  learn  and  have fun….  what  more  could  anyone  ask for! In  2016  after  running  Kiddylicious Somerset  West  for  2  years  I  decided to  take  the  leap  and  expand.  


I  trained  my  staff  to  run  the  school with  the same love and passion that I have. This would give me more time to concentrate on starting Kiddylicious Parklands North.



Cindy Mossay | Teacher

I describe myself as loving, caring, passionate, hardworking and innovative.


I have a huge passion for kids. This passion is reflected in my experience.


I have years of teaching experience; Sunday school and doing Au pair work overseas.


I will go the extra mile for your kids as they all hold a big space in my heart.

Mecheala Collison | Teacher

I have always enjoyed working with children and that is why I decided to study ECD at West Coast College.


I did my practical at an ECD facility in Atlantis and after that, I joined Kiddylicious when they opened in 2017.


I love each and every child in my care as this is my passion. I thoroughly enjoy working with the babies 3-12 months.

Roché Reed | Teacher

I have been teaching in early childhood development (ECD) for 12 years.


The reason why I choose to do this as my career is for the following reasons: All children have the right to an education. They have the right to be loved and protected while their parents are at work. Receiving the love in return from these children makes my world go round and I feel content that they are in good hands.


I enjoy teaching them through play as playing is a very important part of any child’s life. What is really important to me is that a child is loved and feels loved.


I love being creative with them and making beautiful art activities with them, I believe that a child must get dirty as it is all part of the fun. Love, laughter, joy, happiness and peace is a very big must for me as I believe that when you have all these aspects in your classroom, it will be a happy place.

I feel that I am moulding these little children into great adults and always make them believe and encourage them that they can do anything and be anything they imagine to be.

It is a great privilege to teach other parent's children as it is a big trust to leave your baby with someone else.